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6th Athens Biennale 2018

Curators: Stefanie Hessler / Poka-Yio / Kostis Stafylakis

Agnieszka Polska, The New Sun, 2018
Instagram photo: @nona_moo

The 6th Athens Biennale ANTI offers visitors a unique and condensed experience of today. The exhibition deals with the impact of technology on our lives, work, and relationships; addresses gendered and racialized injustices, raises questions of self-determination; thematises data-collection processes and surveillance; and scrutinizes the seduction of fake news and our obsessions with our own image in the myriad of technological interfaces that surpass our reality today.

ANTI is a joyful, indulging and comforting at times, unsettling, ominous and dystopian at others. An exhibition about our times.

There are just three weeks left to experience ANTI.

Please note that on Saturday, November 17, due the anniversary of the 1973 Polytechnic School uprising, the exhibition will be closed.

Sirous Namazi, Leaning Horizontal II, 2018
Instagam photo: @maximos_stergiou


Sarakiniko, performative installation with Eva Giannakopoulou and Panos Sklavenitis
Fri 16.11, 7.30pm > Esperia Palace, GiGi
Eva Giannakopoulou's and Panos Sklavenitis's experimental art research proposes a new approach on Sarakiniko, examining the analogies between the Sarakiniko paradigm and modern theories of "commons", via an artistic and theoretical investigation of historical and current sociopolitical expressions of alternative habitation. Using the coincidental (or not) choice of Ithaca for such a bid at alternative habitation as a starting point, their narrative will focus on the concepts of symbolic motherland and utopian habitation.
Participants: Margarita Amarantidi, Evriviades Goro, Theodore Κakitsos, Argyris Marinis, Savvas Τsimouris, Katerina Kalentzi, Avgoustina Stilianou, Theodora Savvalaridi

Amusementorium, shadow theater by Spyros Aggelopoulos
Sun 18.11, 6-7pm > TTT, 4th floor, room 403
In Aggelopoulos's shadow theater, a mash-up of politicians, media figures, superheroes, cinema characters and villains-from Donald Trump and Slavoj Zizek to Rocky and Marina Abramovic-competes in an imaginary arena. Place your bets on the winner.

The next Revolution? On conflicts, desires and the New Patrons movement in Europe, lecture by Alexander Koch
Sun 18.11, 7pm > Esperia Palace, GiGi
Thousands of citizens have carried out a new, grass-route-grown cultural policy over the past 30 years: The New Patrons Protocol. Inspired by this model of action, people from all walks of life have commissioned ambitious projects to express their interests, to take ownership over their local issues and to reshape their social situations. In the common effort to establish a culture based on the needs, conflicts and visions of various populations, they collaborated on their own terms with architects and musicians, theatre makers and visual artists, scientists and organizations of all kind, creating over 500 projects in 15 countries.
Alexander Koch, co-founder of the New Patrons in Germany, will resume some of the most surprising projects from the past and discuss the current developments and challenges of this growing movement.

Sweat by Alice Potts
Until 27.11 > Onassis Stegi / Esperia Palace
The 6th Athens Biennale ANTI, transmits live from Onassis Stegi the exhibition Sweat by Alice Potts. The work of Alice Potts, a collection of crystalline accessories from dancers and athletes, is showcasing an alternate future of design and will be the starting point of exploring a deeper connection of her work aiming to create a new alternative and sustainable set of opportunities. More information here.

More about the program of events here.

TTT building, Stadiou 15
Esperia Palace, Stadiou 22
Benakeios Library, Anthimou Gazi 2
TSMEDE, Kolokotroni 4

Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 2pm-10pm
Sat-Sun: 12pm-10pm

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