Date: October 14th, 2021 2:02:16 a.m.

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THURSDAY 14 OCTOBER 2021 | 19:00 UTC+3 | Duration: 45min

Steve McQueen, one of the most influential artists and film directors of our time, is about to appear on your screens live for an exclusive public discussion powered by Onassis Culture.

On Thursday, October 14th 2021, at 7pm, the audience will have the opportunity to hear this universally acclaimed and prominent figure - Oscar-winning director of Shame and 12 Years a Slave and winner of the Turner Prize - discuss with artistic director of Athens Biennale Poka-Yio and Onassis Stegi collaborator and activist Eirini Niamouaia Ontoul, on the art of unearthing collective traumas and marginalized human stories.

In the context of the conversation, Steve McQueen will also speak about his video installation End Credits (2012 - ongoing), co-produced by Onassis Stegi and currently on display at the Onassis Stegi Exhibition Hall -1, from September 24 to October 24, 2021, as part of the 7th Athens Biennale ECLIPSE.

The Zoom talk will be conducted in English. The discussion will follow a live Q&A with the audience via the zoom chat. To participate, please submit an application of interest here. until Thursday, October 14th, 18:00 (UTC+3).

Find more about End Credits (2012 - ongoing) by Steve McQueen here.

The 7th Athens Biennale is co-financed by the Hellenic Republic and the European Union through the Regional Operational Programme of "Attica" in the framework of NSRF 2014-2020, performs under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the City of Athens and is realised in partnership with Onassis Culture. AB7: ECLIPSE is produced by the Athens Biennale.


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