Date: June 10th, 2021 5:06:53 p.m.

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Three portals to the exhibition's opening οn 24 September 2021 have opened on the website of the 7th Athens Biennale, revealing the first glimpses of the polymorphic universe of ECLIPSE.

Future Teller

Activating a space for contemplation and self-reflection, the Future Teller of ECLIPSE answers personal and collective questions, unveiling expectations of the past and prophecies for the future through three cards mirroring our deepest hopes and fears.

Ask Future Teller an anonymous question here.


Inside ECLIPSE Almanac a multimedia guide grows, initiating us into the possibilities arising during ECLIPSE. Up to the exhibition's opening, curators and artists share pieces of their personal and artistic references, practices and experiences, shedding light on the variable aspects of AB7: ECLIPSE through texts, videos, images and sound excerpts.

Read the first pages of ECLIPSE Almanac here.


In the meantime, sonicECLIPSE continues the circle of mystic soundscapes under the full-moon light, with mixtapes curated by invited DJs and sound artists. African percussion, gospel greetings and hip hop beats converse with cosmic synths, techno avalanches and doom summonses, awakening primal vibrations and contemporary frequencies.

Listen to all sonicECLIPSE mixtapes here.

Bringing us closer to the upcoming experience of the exhibition, the website of AB7: ECLIPSE will next host news on venues and information on the accreditation process for journalists, artists and art professionals.

Navigate the digital world of ECLIPSE.

The 7th Athens Biennale is co-financed by the Hellenic Republic and the European Union through the Regional Operational Programme of "Attica" in the framework of NSRF 2014-2020, performs under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the City of Athens and is realised in partnership with Onassis Culture. AB7: ECLIPSE is produced by the Athens Biennale.


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