Athens Biennale | OPEN CALL | Work of art

Discovering the Truth

We Acrobat constantly in the continued understanding between the Visible and the Invisible.
A window that is wide open in front of us and gives us the reason of the actual existence and non-existence, the relation of the microcosm with the macrocosm, the persistent search of light, the understanding of the incomprehensible , which is why my interest is focused in the search of the excessive and eternal truth that is found after completion our trip in matter.
My quest is reflected in my paintings through the attribution of light , the source of which is not revealed and is out of the painted canvas and the importance of darkness where through the darkness ariseth light , that without this conflict can not be harmony and balance , implying the transcendent origin.
It is this autonomous and self-reactive force that keeps the protagonists of my works in an eternal standby , immobility and simultaneously readiness for the revelation of the heavenly light.

Katerina Tsitsela