Athens Biennale | OPEN CALL | Collaborative Project

He Does Not See With His Eyes

The piece is about an opening of the third or mind’s eye, allowing the individual to attain a higher sense of conscious awareness with the universe, seeing himself as an integral or active force within the universe and his immediate surroundings as opposed to being a passive onlooker. He then realises that he is in a constant state of physical and spiritual flux, his body constantly dying and reinventing itself as does the universe and all it embodies. His earthly mortality is nothing but a recognition of the Ego, and his disidentification with it (the Ego) emancipates him from fear or anxiety about his death.
The installation is ephemeral. The artist then moves away from the hat (a metaphor for the Ego) leaving it suspended where he stood and still connected to its surroundings.

Bongani Njalo