Volunteer with the Athens Biennale

The Athens Biennale is looking for volunteers who will contribute to the realization of the 4th Athens Biennale 2013 AGORA.

This year’s biennale will be realized by a diverse group of artists, curators, theorists and practitioners in the creative industries, in an emblematic building. Through this collaborative process the Athens Biennale produces the AGORA, a project exhibition that reflects on the way a biennale has to operate under the current socio-economic circumstances. We set up a collective experiment based on a shared sense of responsibility and an urge to co-produce meaning.

We want you to become part of this experience!

We wish to offer you the opportunity to develop your interests and know-how through tasks that you will undertake in relation to the needs of an international exhibition of contemporary art and specifically, to the particular identity of AGORA. You will collaborate with the curatorial team and artists of the exhibition, communicate and exchange opinions with art professionals, and contribute to creating an engaging experience for the 4th Athens Biennale 2013 AGORA.

We seek talented individuals that combine technical knowledge, creativity, imaginative flair and most of all, team spirit, to contribute to the preparation of the exhibition and its events and facilitate the audience while visiting AGORA. Beyond participating in the installation and maintenance of the exhibition, the volunteers are involved in the events (educational programmes, guided tours, talks, performances, live events) and communication (website, social media, documentation) of AGORA, throughout its duration.

All interested are invited to send a brief note of interest, as well as their CV, at: