Now what?

The production of the 4th Athens Biennale is based on a collaborative model, which serves as a foundation for the creative input of those who try to develop functional approaches and behaviors to counteract this critical time.

We aspire to  produce something more than just an exhibition: we want to create the conditions for a vast concourse, for exchange and interchange, connection, co-administration, negotiation – in one word the AGORA.

In order to fulfill the essential purpose of the AGORA, the main hall of the exhibition, the ground floor of the Athens Stock Exchange, where the stock transactions used to take place, will remain free of exhibits for the most part so that it can host varying events: workshops, projections, discourses, performances, speeches, fora, concerts etc. We aim to fully exploit the dynamic provided by such an open deliberation at the centre of Athens throughout the duration of this year’s Biennale.

You are invited to contribute with your creative initiative in AGORA CIRCLE; a series of loosely structured pluralistic approaches on crucial discourses concerning city life, human rights, cooperation, ecology, politics, the web and narratives that will take place every Sunday afternoon. Each participant will be provided with 10’ – 15’ along with the necessary equipment (spotlights, microphones, wifi, seating, tables etc.) in order to propose substantial answers to the question Now what?


Presentation: 10′
Q&A: 5′

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